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Web search engines

Bibliographic databases (usually with abstracts)

  • Web of Science, which has replaced BIDS for ISI searches.
  • BIDS, including ingentaJournals (full-text access to many journals, e.g. EJN). BIDS uses the Athens authorization system.
  • WebSpirs at Cambridge; includes MedLine from 1966 and PsycLIT from 1887.
  • BioMedNet. An excellent collection of resources; includes databases of many journals (some with full-text access) and web searches by speciality. Requires subscription but this is free.
  • FirstSearch database of databases from OCLC.
  • PubMed from NLM (= MEDLINE).
  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts is quite good

Journals with full-text access

Note: several sites provide full-text access based on user registration, or relying on the University's institutional subscription (usually meaning you can only access the articles from a computer in the "" domain).

To search for full-text articles for a given journal, I suggest the following order: (1) the list below; (2) Neurosciences on the Internet; (3) Neuroscion; (4) BIDS ingentaJournals; (5) PsychWatch; (6) the publisher's site; (7) general web search.

Publishers and journal collections

Journals (information, table of contents or abstracts only)

The following haven't been assessed:

Research councils, funding organizations, societies







Other labs and reseachers


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