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At the screen:
When a patient is selected, you can also:
In the list of patients:
When editing a patient:


From the main menu, you can go to the . This shows all tasks on the tablet for the current patient.
You can also browse the menu to find specific tasks. If you have trouble finding one, try .
At any task menu, task summaries are displayed.
When a task is selected:

Anonymous tasks

Some tasks are anonymous; they are not associated with any patient. An example is the anonymous GMC patient satisfaction questionnaire.

Using a fake test subject

You may want to experiment with the non-anonymous tasks. A suggested way is to define a fake patient with an invalid ID number, or perhaps a couple of different sexes. For example, an NHS number cannot be a single-digit number, but CamCOPS doesn’t perform NHS number validation, so you could tell everyone in your institution that FAKEPATIENT, JANE (NHS# 1, female) and FAKEPATIENT, JOHN (NHS# 2, male) are your test patients. Everyone can then feel free to play with those identities, but not to create others. However, you may be prohibited from doing this in a clinical environment, in which case you could set up a second training database. (The disadvantage of that is the need to aim users’ tablets at the different databases during and after training.)

Questionnaire-style tasks

Some tasks use an custom user interface, but many use a standard questionnaire style with one or more pages.
When entering information:
When viewing a read-only facsimile of a questionnaire-style task:


Seeing what you’ve uploaded

Use any web browser (on a computer or tablet) to browse to your CamCOPS server. See the web interface instructions for more detail.


Common problems

What if it crashes?

This shouldn’t happen; please note down any error details and let us know! To forcibly stop and restart the app:

Android 4.3

iOS 7


The menu includes, amongst other things:
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