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Typical costs

We have set up CamCOPS in the low-cost environment of a research-active university that provides network support, with WiFi tablet access, and the high-cost environment of an NHS institution with a secure VPN (including 3G and WiFi access) and outsourced IT support. Here are some representative incremental costs, in 2013, from those environments.

Component Low-cost university research environment High-cost NHS clinical environment
Server: setup and first year £0–£1,500 approx.
Existing Linux server with Internet connection. SSL security certificate free via central university funding. Or a standard computer: e.g. Intel Xeon E3-blahblah 3.1 GHz, 16 Gb RAM, 2 Tb HD £793, plus some sort of keyboard/mouse/monitor, and a backup system.
Subcontracted virtual Linux server with managed backup. SSL security certificate (valid for 5 years). Changes to DNS/firewall to allow access to the NHS server from a partner NHS organization (selectively). Total £4,809.84 + VAT.
Server: maintenance £0
Power/network/SSL certificates via central university provision.
Ongoing annual server support costs £3,539.84 + VAT. (This excludes SSL certificate renewal: £260 + VAT every 5 years.)
Each tablet: purchase and first year £360–£400 approx.
One option: Asus EeePad Transformer Prime TF201 (with keyboard): around £400.
Another option: Apple iPad 2 (16 Gb, WiFi only) £329 from Apple. Bluetooth keyboard/case: lots to choose from, but some from around £30.
Apple iPad 2 (16 Gb, 3G, WiFi) £410 (inc. VAT). Bluetooth keyboard/case £50. MDM license £36. VPN token £315. VPN SIM £120. Support costs for first two years £300, i.e. £150 for first year.
Each tablet: maintenance £0
It doesn’t cost much to run a tablet.
Annual support costs (inc. VAT).
Software (CamCOPS, LAMP stack) £0
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