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Tasks in CamCOPS

Copyright notes and annotations

Copyright details are given below on the pages pertaining to individual tasks. If you think a task is here in error (i.e. that we have erred in our assesment of its copyright status), please contact us immediately (at

(†) Free for use in some situations but not all (e.g.: clinical, research, commercial, educational), enforced by the software based on the user’s replies.
(¶) Data collection tool only, with the actual task/scale not included for copyright reasons (i.e. if you own a licensed paper copy of the task, feel free to use these data collection tools, but if you don’t, they will probably be useless).
(¶+) Data collection tool with the option to distribute strings locally. For these tasks, if your institution is entitled to use the task, you may install an add-on XML file on your server containing the required strings, to make the task fully functional, but you must provide this XML file and its contents yourself (it is outside the scope of CamCOPS).
(‡) Under development.
(!) Use requires additional institution-specific permissions; see details.
(*) Permissions pending.

Other annotations

Clinical notes and logs

Global function and multiple aspects of psychopathology

Cognitive assessment

Affective (mood and anxiety) disorders

Drug/alcohol abuse and addiction

Executive functioning


Catatonia and extrapyramidal side effects

Personality and childhood experience

Research tasks (experimental)

Anonymous questionnaires


Some tasks not in CamCOPS

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